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September 8th, 2009

Faith comes by hearing God, but what if you can’t understand what God is saying? Richard Hardin’s Choosing Faith with Love is a study of faith and love, two crucial ingredients of a healthy relationship with Christ. Hardin discusses differences between doubt and unbelief, trust and faith, and outlines the steps needed to gain faith. In a world where the Scriptures are so often misunderstood. Choosing Faith with Love is a guide to help readers understand the biblical definitions of faith, unbelief, mercy, grace, and charity. In a world bombarded with choices and at a time when many biblical words and concepts are misused, the author states clearly and powerfully how one can make the most important choice. Gain a clearer understanding of God’s word today – the choice is yours to make – choose to read Choosing Faith with Love.

Janie and Richard Hardin