How God Used Handwriting/Graphology To Help Me!

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****The Handwriting analysis helps us separate our individual personality characteristics so we can understand better how or why we respond in certain ways.
****Today’s message will explain how God used (Graphology) Handwriting Analysis to help me realize that His Word that I had learned through the 20+ years of going to church, and after getting baptized at age 9 was not doing me any good or was not alive in my heart. It is hard for a person who thinks they are a Christian to realize they only have word knowledge or head knowledge. I thank the Lord so much for sparing me in His mercy until I could come to the truth to receive His Word into my heart to perform the work of Grace for my new changed heart and to become a child of God! It was totally His mercy because I sure didn’t deserve it in any way!
***Another difficult thing for us to do is change a belief! Most of us must have something very drastic happen before we will admit we are wrong and accept a new belief. The Apostle Paul is an extreme example of a person who loved God enough that when he found out he was persecuting the people of God, the first thing he said to Jesus was, “Lord what would you have me do.” I hope what happened to me will encourage you to consider your own personal salvation and also listen to some of my other podcasts of the gross errors about God that are being taught in Christianity. TKS –anytime at > podcasts.

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