Mercy, Grace, and Charity are not Love!

Mercy, Grace and Charity are not Love.  Love is defined, stated or given in 1 John 4:8, 16 as being God, “God is Love.” Therefore, there is no such thing as any other Love.  That would be saying there are other Gods.  Eros and philos are not love: they are strong physical attractions and strong emotional attractions.  Also, teaching that agape is the God kind of Love is incorrect too because there is not God “kind” of Love, all Love is God, God is Love.  

Now why is mercy, grace and charity not Love?  Take for example the water throughout your house.  Your house is connected to the main city, county water line for your community.  The main water line to your house has one connection to the main city line where you get all of your water.  The plumbers separate the water and pipe some to the kitchen, some to outside connections for use in the yard, some water is piped to commodes, sinks, showers, all the water is the same.  You refer to shower water to indicate to the plumber where you are having a problem, the commode water to indicate its use, kitchen water to indicate its use and so on.  All the water is the same, the different names only indicate where or how the water is being used in different places.   Likewise, mercy, grace and charity are not different loves of God, they are all the same God, the same Love, but the names identify or explain how God or His Love or His Spirit, all the same God are coming to us and working our lives.  It is that simple.  

Mercy is God coming upon us, around us as stated in the Old Testament Covenant in Isaiah 59:21, “…this is my covenant with them, saith the Lord; ‘My Spirit that is upon thee, and My Words which I have put in thy mouth, …”  and in Psalms 25:10, “All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth unto such as keep His covenant and His testimonies” (Truth is God’s Word, John 17: 17) All the paths to us and upon people of the Old Testament were mercy.  In our day, all the paths of the Lord to us are mercy before we receive His Love, or Him, into our heart for salvation in the new covenant.   Mercy is all of God’s activity to us, for us, which is external to our hearts.  Mercy is any work of God to or on a person out side of the person’s heart!

Grace is the move, the work, any activity of God’s Love, God, His Spirit in the heart of man.  When we say the word Grace, we are always referring to some work of God in a person’s heart.  You can see from Isaiah and Psalms above there was no Grace in the Old Testament, except in Jesus, for he was born with the Spirit of God in him.  AND, grace is not God’s unmerited favor!!!!  That is a useless lie of the devil to cover over, block out God’s great grace, work of His Love in the heart of mankind.  Grace, the work of God’s Love, Spirit of Christ, Holy Spirit, Jesus or whatever you want to call God, is what forgives our sins, creates in us our new heart , puts His Spirit in us which results in us becoming a CHILD OF GOD! Ezekial 36:26 and Galatians 4:6-7. The devil hates Jesus and what He did for us so much that He has taught all (99%) of Christians to say grace is God’s unmerited favor to keep them from referencing any great work of God in mankind’s heart. 

Charity: The devil hates Jesus so much he has also blinded our spiritual leaders to the great work of His Love in and through His children’s hearts to share, help or minister to another person or persons. So, charity is the joint effort or work of God’s Spirit (grace) in a child of God’s heart, through the person and then, both, God and man, going together to minister to someone else. Charity is the joint effort of the work of God (grace) in and through His children to others, whether they be a Christian in need or a non-Christian.  The joy of seeing God’s presence when I  am witnessing or ministering in other ways to someone is such a joy and comfort.  It is like Moses in Hebrews 11:27, “By faith (hearing and accepting God’s Word, Christ) he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the King: for he endured, AS SEEING HIM WHO IS INVISIBLE.”  It is so great to see the presence of the Lord working with me in things He has asked me to do.  The devil does everything he can to block, confuse, any activity that would lead people to discussing the true changed heart that comes from the work of grace in a person’s heart and then the work of God in and through a Christian’s heart jointly reaching out to others.  Charity is actually another expression for the Apostle Paul’s statement in Galatians 5:6, “…but faith which worketh by love.”   Faith, we accept God’s Word when He speaks to us, His Words are Spirit, so we accept the Spirit of the Words into our heart, we obey the Words spoken to us, and when we go to fulfill the Words, if we go with the “right attitude” God will be going with us and in us to perform and act of charity. 


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