Trinity: God (the Father), Jesus(the Son), Christ(Their Living Words,Holy Spirit)

Trinity of God: God, Jesus, and Christ (Their Spoken Living Word)
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****The Trinity is just the relationship between God the Father, Jesus the Son and Christ, their Living Spoken Word(Holy Spirit)! Many false teachings about the Trinity, and one is that we are so dumb that it is impossible for us to understand the Trinity. God put an example of a physical trinity in the story of the Pharoah and Joseph in Genesis Chapters 39-50. Joseph was exalted to the second highest position in Egypt, second in command in Egypt under the Pharoah. The Pharoah gave Joseph all authority to rule by his “word.” God had intended to exalt Jesus to the second highest position in His kingdom to be our mediator, but God was so pleased with Jesus and His walk of faith, and His suffering the seven sprinklings of His blood on the cross that God exalted Jesus through the mediator position to the fullness of the Godhead with equality to God the Father and Christ(His Living Word). In Hebrews Chapter 1 verses 1-3 God gave Jesus the upfront speaking and operation of the kingdom to Jesus, as the Pharoah gave Joseph the upfront speaking and operation of Egypt. So the Spiritual Trinity is God the Father, and Jesus the Son and they rule by their spoken Word, Christ. The physical trinity is the Pharoah and Joseph, and they ruled Egypt by their spoken “words.”

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