Meet Richard

Richard was born in Arkansas in 1941, but lived across the border in Missouri until age nine when he was placed in the Baptist Children’s Home in Memphis, TN. He lived in the Children’s Home until he graduated from high school. After a year of college, he joined the Air Force and took evening classes until the Air Force sent him full-time to Arizona State University where he received his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. He received the USAF Scientific Achievement Award for work at NORAD, Cheyenne Mountian while assigned at the AF Weapons Lab’s Nuclear Effects Division in Albuquerque, NMex. In 1974 while he was assigned to Memphis State University to teach ROTC he became a Christian. Very shortly after becoming a Christian he was transferred to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, OK. Along with his Air Force job, he began teaching and preaching at the El Reno Federal Prison in 1976 and hosted a live, evening radio call-in worship service on an AM station, seven days a week, for ten years called, “God’s Testimony Time.” He has preached in local churches, El Reno Federal Prison, on local radio and TV. He has written six books which are shown on the Book page.

After Richard retired from the Air Force in 1980, he served 21 years in the US Small Business Administration helping Small Businesses around the country with their Federal Procurements until he retired again in 2001. During the past 10 years Richard has been an Adjunct Math Professor at Rose State University, Midwest City, OK.

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