God Loved Esau


Richard Hardin Book God Loved Esau

Scriptures show that God loved and blessed Esau for all of his life and that God did not say He hated Esau in Malachi 1:1-3. Also, the Apostle Paul was teaching in Romans 9 about election to service- not salvation. Therefore, God did not hate Esau, and God has never predestined anyone to heaven or hell. He does have a predestined service for each of us as stated in 2 Timothy 1:9, “(God) Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.”

Ephesians 4:4-13 states that there in only one faith and that we should all be growing together in unity of that one faith. Faith comes by hearing God’s Word, but only if we accept and receive it into our heart. Psalms 119:9 states, “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to Thy Word.” Rejecting God’s Will or Word is called in Hebrews 3:12 an evil heart of unbelief, “Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.” John 1:1 says that God and His Word are the same, so rejecting His Word is departing from the living God.

Accepting what the Scriptures say about God loving Esau and that election is to service instead of salvation will be a great step of faith and move toward unity in the body of Christ. Hopefully, the result will be that many lost people will turn to Christ for salvation when they see Christians coming “together in love and true unity of beliefs.”



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