Difference between Democrat and Republican Parties

Democrats and Republicans are very different even though through the years they have been on opposite sides of the same subjects several times. It would be impossible to pick one specific time in our history and say that either party truly reflected the basic belief of their party. Each party has led our country into wars, increase our taxes, and have stepped in to financially bail-out failing areas of our economy. Members of both parties realize we must have a certain amount of defense and a peaceful relationship with other countries. The defining difference between the two parties which has been the same throughout the years is the relationship of the personal responsibility of the individual verses the responsibility of the government. The Democrats believe they should increase the taxes of productive areas and individuals to spread the income to less productive areas which the Democrats determine are necessary in our society. Republicans believe that minimum taxes should be collected to maintain a basic governmental service which allows the individuals the opportunity to build a nation which responds to and meets the needs determined by how the individuals spend their money for required basic services and recreation. For example, the Republicans would tend to leave the Fine Arts development to individuals and private organizations contributing their time and finances without governmental assistance. The Democrats would take up more taxes with the intent of developing the Arts to the level they thought was appropriate for our nation. The difference in Democrats and Republicans is that the Democrats want to use taxes to decide and develop the areas they think our country needs; whereas, the Republicans want to have less taxes and a smaller government to allow the individuals to decide which areas of our country need to be developed as a result of where citizens spend their money for services and entertainment. Quite often it appears that Democrats are buying votes with tax money because the people with the lower incomes who, in most cases, benefit from the government assistance in underdeveloped areas tend to vote for Democrats so they will continue the assistance. The Democrats want a government funded society, and the Republicans want citizen funded society based on individual responsibility.

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